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The core technology is the industry's first platform and algorithm to perform de novo genomic biomarker discovery retrospectively using archived clinical samples. This technology is especially useful for late stage clinical drugs that have completed trials with unsatisfactory efficacy. By identifying biomarkers correlated to patients' responsiveness to drug candidates retrospectively, our technology enables biotech and pharmaceutical companies to design new clinical trials in a targeted patient population to achieve significant efficacy and/or less adverse effects.


A Novel Strategy to Discover Clinical Biomarkers Retrospectively with Archived Samples

Many drugs unfortunately fail after large and expensive Phase 3 studies have been completed, largely due to lack of efficacy or undesirable adverse effects. Our technology can enable drug developers to design new clinical trials in smaller and targeted patient populations at lower cost than the previous studies, providing a personalized medicine approach.

A highly novel aspect of this technology is that plasma samples (almost always retained for PK studies) can be used to identify novel genetic biomarkers by scanning the entire human genome and conducting a proprietary data analysis developed internally by Denovo. This type of testing has not been possible in the past using other technologies. We will support a partner throughout the development process through approval and launch of the drug together with the companion diagnostic test.

Target Indications

Oncology and Central Nervous system indications continue to have major unmet need. For these conditions, successful development of treatments can yield significant changes in disease management for patient population.


Warning Regarding Denovo Biopharma Employee Impersonation Fraud
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Denovo Biopharma is a privately held biotech company providing a novel biomarker solution to personalize drug development. Our platform can be broadly applied to biomarker discovery in many therapeutic areas, such as oncology, metabolic, cardiology, immunology and neurology.

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